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We are fast growing team, a team consisting of experienced and dynamic individuals, united in our mission to revolutionize the lighting control and building management industries through wireless technology. Bring your ideas and passion to enhance our capabilities and drive us towards even greater achievements.

Why Join Us?

We are an IoT company with a bright future and have already achieved modest success in the field of commercial lighting control. Our ambition is to become an industry leader, and we have a strong drive to achieve this goal. As a global company, our team offers a unique and enriching experience. We operate with heightened efficiency and place significant value on each individual’s contributions within our team. Our commitment is to provide a work environment where employees can showcase their best selves and thrive in their roles.

Our culture

Originating from diverse nations and cultures, we champion a flat, highly efficient approach to work. As a team, we collectively advance and face new challenges, embracing a culture of shared growth and cooperative innovation.

Way of Working

We employ the agile methodology as the cornerstone of our work approach, emphasizing rapid iteration and enhanced flexibility in response to market demands. We place a strong focus on communication and collaboration within our teams. Additionally, we encourage team member engagement and empower them to make autonomous decisions. We continually motivate our team to adopt this approach, fostering an environment conducive to the company’s ongoing improvement and growth.


We pride ourselves on our full-stack in-house product, consistently optimizing performance through a synergistic blend of hardware and software. Our team, seasoned and skilled, fosters an environment of trust, openness, and inclusivity.

Open Positions

Firmware Engineer Lead

Shenzhen, China

Technical Solution Engineer

Columbia, MD

Chief Financial Officer

US / China

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