LiteTrace Adds Features to DLC Listing for Keilton® Networked Lighting Controls

LiteTrace, a leading global provider of Bluetooth® wireless commercial lighting control components and software, today announced DLC approval of two additional features on its Keilton® Networked Lighting Control System (NLC):

Load Shedding/Demand Response

The latest released CR04 inter-op bridge can work together with BACnet BA systems, or 3rd party hardware such as Universal Device’s UD ISY994 Pro OpenADR, to implement demand response.

Emergency Lighting

LiteTrace released PPA109S, an UL924 certified Emergency Lighting Control Device (ELCD) which can be configured to interact with various emergency power sources, such as:

On-luminaire battery backup.

Remote source switched at luminaire.

Remote source switched at central location.California’s Title 24 2022 will update the commercial energy code to require Demand Response for buildings with 4,000W or more, which is a change from the previous code, which required Demand Response for building of 10,000 ft2 or more. The new Keilton Load Shedding/Demand Response feature will aid commercial buildings in complying with the new Title 24 2022 energy code.

Keilton’s NLC updates increase the type of project applications supported to include projects requiring emergency lighting control and projects where states or utilities require demand response for rebates.

Additionally, the new emergency function can greatly reduce labor costs to install wireless emergency lighting control compared to wiring buck-converted circuits.For more information about LiteTrace, email or visit

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