Does CS107D have “Vacancy Mode?” The sensor seems to always turn on lights when motion is detected.

Yes, the CS107D occupancy sensor can be configured to provide “Vacancy Mode” control:

Here are the steps to set up Vacancy Mode with the CS107D:

Commission lights, CS107D sensor, and wall switch to a Zone in the app.
Group the lights into Group 1 (G1).
Enable motion sensing for G1. Set appropriate T1, T2, and dimming levels.
Bind CS107D to G1. Set “Triggered By” to “None” and configure other parameters. Set “Hold Time” = T1.
Bind wall switch to G1.

Daily Operation:
Lights default to OFF. User must press switch to turn ON manually.
CS107D will hold lights ON when occupancy detected.
After T1, lights dim down. After T2, lights turn OFF until switched back ON.
Pressing “AUTO” button on switch returns lights to full programmed state.

So in summary, with Vacancy Mode the lights default OFF and require manual activation. The CS107D holds the lights on while occupied. This differs from Occupancy Mode where lights automatically turn on when motion detected

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