How can I reset a device to factory settings

Here are two methods to reset LiteTrace devices back to factory default settings:

Using the App:

* Go to the “Lights” page in the app

* Tap the “-” symbol in the top right

* Select the light(s) you want to reset by checking the circle at bottom right corner of Light Icon

* Tap “Delete” in the top right

* Confirm you want to delete the light(s)

This will remove the lights from the “Lights” page and put them back on the “Not Added” page to be re-commissioned

Manual Reset:

* Locate the reset button on the back on the sensor or load controller

* Press and hold the reset button for 3+ seconds until the LED blinks

* This will clear all settings and revert the sensor to factory defaults

* You can now re-commission the sensor through the app like new

The key is to either remove the device from the app or perform a manual reset via the button to wipe its programmed settings. This allows the device to be set up again as if it was new.

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