If the user specifies a brightness value for calibration, how does that effect other strategies such as setting the Trim values (High End Trim, Daylight Min Dim, Low End Trim)?

The user-specified calibration brightness during sensor commissioning does not affect the configured high-end and low-end trim settings.

The high/low end trims set the absolute maximum and minimum light levels allowed. These establish preset boundaries.
The calibration brightness is used to tune the daylight harvesting performance within those trim endpoints.

For example:

High End Trim = 80% (4000 lumens for a 5000 lumen fixture)

Low End Trim = 20% (1000 lumens for a 5000 lumen fixture)

Calibration Brightness = 50% (2500 lumens for a 5000 lumen fixture)

With these settings:

The calibration will tune the daylight dimming to maintain around 2500 lumens.
The light level will never exceed the 4000 lumen high end trim nor drop below the 1000 lumen low end trim.
So in summary, the trims create firm dimming limits, while the calibration tuning happens in between those. The trims remain unaffected.

This provides both guaranteed minimum/maximum light levels as well as tuned automatic daylight dimming based on conditions.

Tag: DH Calibration
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